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Advertising your business is much more than simply securing a TV commercial or newspaper page. The image surrounding your brand is also a powerful tool in influencing a consumers’ decision to choose you over somebody else who offers the exact same thing. If your business’s identify is easily recognisable and familiar to the public eye, you are automatically in a better position to generate new leads. A big part of establishing this image is through how you display your logo, business name, and any associated colours or images. Specialising in providing traditional static, LED, digital and neon signs throughout Wellington, Claude Neon can help you promote your brand is new and exciting ways.
Devising the proper signage strategy is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all type situation. Careful planning needs to go into every element, including the materials being used for each sign, colours, positioning, font, installation method and many other factors. All of these parts components work symbiotically to influence the overall impact of your sign and offer a synergistic advertising solution.

Innovative LED signs designed by the industry experts

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted authority in the signage industry. Boasting an extensive team of in-house designers and other seasoned professionals, we can bring you a functional concept and bring it to life to ensure your digital, LED or neon signs produce the maximum yield. To increase your signage’s effectiveness, we take the time to devise sophisticated prototypes, detailed plans and sketches so you can feel confident with your decision to entrust our knowledgeable team.
As testament to our industry success, you can view many of our past projects spanning across New Zealand and Australia. We are proud to have worked with businesses both big and small and have ongoing partnerships with many of them to devise a signage strategy tailored to their specific needs. Some of our projects have included extensive and industry leading projects for the Christchurch Airport, New Zealand’s Rural Fire Service and the New Zealand Automobile Association.

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