Switched On

Claude Neon is your solution to sustainable signage, having been an industry leader in Australian signage for over a century.

We are switched on to client needs and the needs of the communities we work in. That means being on brand, on time, on to sustainable practices and staying on to the needs of a rapidly changing market.

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    Claude Neon is Australia and New Zealand's expert digital, LED & Neon Signage design and installation company.

    Now more than ever before, it is incredibly important for businesses and their brands to shine brighter than competitors and stand out from the proverbial pack. At Claude Neon, our expertise in planning, design, installation, safety and maintenance is central to our ability to create the right solution for your brand to connect you with people in the right environment.

    Switched on to deliver signs that shine

    As the world has changed, so have we. We have reshaped our company to focus on the issues facing our clients today, and their needs in signage project management, installation and maintenance and environmental design. Our team of experienced project managers, industrial designers and account managers are focused on the interests of our clients.

    Mapping our way through Australia and New Zealand

    We proudly offer our services throughout Australia and New Zealand. We’ve provided professional design and installation, plus ongoing maintenance, of static signs, neon signs, LED, and digital signs for clients in New Zealand as well as Melbourne, Sydney, and all other capital cities in Australia

    For a comprehensive signage solution, speak with us at Claude Neon.

    Our Operational Process



    Great design translates your brand into the 3-dimensional environment. Our talented in-house design team will guide your project from concept to prototype, to the highest quality finished result.

    Our broad experience ensures that graphical and architectural designs are executed into feasible solutions that incorporate the best materials and technologies. Research and development in the design phase are paramount to achieving the best possible results.

    Planning & Documentation


    At Claude Neon, we apply the same rigorous planning processes to every client, whether your project is for a sky sign, a detailed wayfinding solution, or a large scale, multi-site rebranding project.

    Our extensive project management experience ensures there are no unexpected surprises, from the necessary council approvals and engineering certifications, through to on time and on budget delivery of the finished result.

    Signage Delivery


    At the sharp end of your signage project, Claude Neon ensures you receive the highest quality manufacture and install. Our established relationships with leading manufacturers combined with our knowledge of the latest in materials, technology and manufacturing techniques guarantees the outcome of the manufacture process, every time.

    Prototypes of all initial designs ensure the outcome maintains the integrity of your brand. When it comes to installation, we bring together everything that is needed, from council permits to safety and access requirements, to realise your signage on-site.



    From sky signs to complex wayfinding solutions, all signage requires appropriate maintenance to ensure it delivers effective visual communication into the future.

    Claude Neon can develop and manage a maintenance regime tailor-made for your requirements.