Channel 7 News

Claude Neon LED & Claude Digital

Channel 7 News

The Challenge

Situated in Martin Place, the heart of the Sydney CBD, Channel 7 engaged Claude Neon to help capture the attention of the thousands of professionals who pass through the area, and enhance their reputation as a cutting edge media brand.

Claude Neon’s immediate instinct was to develop a customised News Ticker that wraps around the building, using the latest in LED technology and signage applications.

The Result

Through extensive research and development, the Claude Neon team engineered an integrated system, employing a number of specialised suppliers to deliver a solution that not only filters in live stories in real-time from the Channel 7 news server but also delivers the news in a visually striking and streamlined fashion.

Ubiquitous and impactful, the solution mirrors Channel 7’s commitment to delivering news across a variety of platforms. Claude Neon’s design team ensured the signage seamlessly fits in with the look and feel of the brand, with the specialist project team working proactively to construct the signage with minimal interruption and maximum efficiency.

The LED ticker is another example of how established media brands can push their product further in the face of the competition presented by new media. The signage not only presents Channel 7 as a premier news service, but also reminds the Sydney public that they are at the front of pack when a story breaks.